6 Months / 6 Weeks Industrial Training in phase 5 Mohali

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18 May, 24 10:33 AM Chandigarh

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6 Months Industrial Training in Mohali -Smartwinz Solutions is a Software Development IT company, based in India. It was incorporated in 2011. It provides industrial Training, information technology, web development and outsourcing services all over the world.It has presently located in Mohali. We are an IT services, web development, and software company. To provide human race with better solutions than existing ones by developing better technologies for future. Smartwinz Solutions has proposed to conduct the process of recruitment of suitable candidates. Smartwinz Solutions aims to compensate the deserving candidates comparable with the best in the industry.It is determinedly focused not to compromise on the quality of manpower intake the selected ones would have a long road of achievements ahead well supported by Smartwinz Solutions.

Most of the software companies providing industrial training which consists 6 weeks or 6 months time period. We provide stipend based industrial training.Our Web Development company deals with PHP/Framework , IOS Application , Android Application , PHP/CMS , Web Designing , SEO.


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